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Summer 2019

            THE GOAT COTTAGE BACKSTORY BLOG - Until 4 years ago the cottage was a Mid East Belly Dance Studio but when 2 little goats Abe and Jeb arrived the studio slowly was transformed to The Goat Cottage.

          All goats especially baby goats are curious and want to do everything with you, sort of like a kid. If you use a wheel barrow they jump in. If you paint they want to know what's in the can & will try to taste it. If you rake, they want to chew the rake. Little goats love to play.We put  planks on rocks and watched them play for hours.They loved to go UP. We began building structures for them to climb on. As they grew we expanded their play area next to the garden fence. They loved to eat the leafy vines. Not all goats love leaves but Jeb, the boss, loves most leaves and the other goats follow his  leaflead.........TO BE CONTINUED 

          THE GOAT COTTAGE  Six goats, art, chickens ,art supplies, fresh eggs & River, our friendly shepherd . The goat trail is 10 stages on a path the goats love to jump up and down on following Barb in disorganized chaos. Guests can walk the trail with the team anytime during their stay accept if it's raining (goats don't like rain) . We are near beautiful beaches, great restaurants ( #Red Dory, #Black Goose , #The Boat House ) the best coffee shop (Coastal Roasters) , hiking trails, bike paths,shopping ,art galleries at #Four corners on the way to #SakonnetVineyard and beautiful #Little Compton. The goat trail ends by a river view that sometimes has spectacular sunsets  .Some guest's say they can't draw but often they draw the most beautiful pictures which surprise them and me.Guests pictures cover the walls. I LOVE all the pictures. In the cottage is a cd collection, books, room to dance or practice yoga and no TV. (Guest's who wished at first there was a TV ended up thanking me for not having one)

    THE CAPTAINS QUARTERS a New Englandy style 2 flr apt. on one side of our 150 yr home has it's own entrance .There is a TV, art supplies, a porto crib and  books. Up a flight of stairs is the bath & bdrm. 

     BOTH SPACES are separate from each other but could be fun rented together for a family or group of friends. Both have access to a propane grille,fire pit and the family pool. GUESTS can be in their own world or can be social with us. All guests can schedule a goat trail walk when they are ready. VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway

      BOOKING  and REVIEWS on #Home Away & #Airbnb . If you have any questions please ask. 4013389905  . Barb@thegoatcottage.com

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Guest Art Gallery Walls

The Guest Gallery Wall idea began when the first guests left pictures behind.I framed and hung them.





I'm the solo Boer of Goatopia

My friends are Sparky, Mocha, Daisy, Tack & Jibe. I've been here the longest .I greet Barb every morning in the barn. I climb up on a little shelf to reach my head over the gate.I put my forehead on hers.She calls it a head butt. I goatized Barb.It means I scanned her. Some goats do that. If you ask her she will tell you the story. When Barb plays a cd of The Goat Ballet  in the barn my friends and I run thru the field to the side of the cottage to greet new travelers. We all follow behind Barb watching her corral " organized chaos " ( like kids ) on a trail of  nine stages  which lead to a view of the Sakonnet River  where sometimes in the evening, there are sunsets which  make everyone turn beautiful orange. 

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The Musical Goat Trail

I don't teach Goat Yoga......I am a dancer who was given goats.....I trained our 6 goats in descending order to ,jump up & down in organized chaos on a trail of stages.They come running from the barn to the side of the cottage to jump up and down for their treats. 

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John's Goatopian Story Review

Are you looking for a place to step away from the stress of the high pressure world we all live in?A sanctuary where you can escape the drudgery of mundane?Looking for a charming secluded woodland world with chickens, a loveable dog and six fantastic performing goats? It's here.The Goat Cottage is a change of pace.The cabin with its artistic exterior and garden of creativity, you’d swear Snow White & seven dwarfs live here.Enter a delightful kitchen with all the necessities of home.There is a sign on the table with a highly informative list of  fav fun spots to visit and enjoy a basket of farm eggs.The main studio has couches, many places to sit and a cd player, the perfect party room but its  the master bedroom. You’ll be amazed by eye-popping decorations In every corner there is colorful art ,positive messages with art supplies and paper.Make some art and your work will be permanently displayed on Goat Cottage gallery. Filled with great mojo, this bungalow is clean and well-stocked within hand painted walls.You’ll be greeted by the cordial hostess Barbara. Friendly and very entertaining she and her faithful dog River will be your guide As she takes you around the wooded tranquility .Passing by Ombre Gardens you know you’re Not in Kansas anymore. Beyond the swimming pool (bring beach towels May on) fields & flowers, wonder fills the senses.After the best sleep of your life, have breakfast outside with the goats. No better way to start the day Make time to see Barbara’s rousingly entertaining goat show, a fully interactive barnyard ballet. Follow her as she leads her graceful troop of hoofed performers up & down multi-tiered stages down the trail. It is a petting zoo adventure, you cant miss.The goats want to get to know you and if you feed them, you are best friends forever.Consider dropping any other plans you had before to come here. Listen to the lilting tunes tooting forth from Pan’s pipe. Goatopia is calling you ......By John from Ohio

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